Sunday, October 3, 2010

Russell Ballard

Autumn... fly fishing... trout... fisherman are skillful at deceipt. Lures are crafted by hand.

Artificial lures are used by Lucifer as well. His goal is to bring the misery of all mankind. Lucifer is clever and cunning. He lies and deceives to convince us that evil is good and good evil. Satan sought to destroy the agency of man.

Battle over agency continues today. Satan hopes we will falter so he can reel us in. He uses addiction to snare us. Addiction is life destroying. The addict cedes control to satan. It is hard to break free and regain independence. Nicotine, heroine, morphine, cocaine, alcohol, meth.

Story about a woman in a psych ward. Her problem started with the abuse of prescription pain killers. Drugs became her life.

This is happening all around us. More people die of prescription drug abuse than car accidents (????). One drink is the difference between addiction and sobriety. Do not let satan hook you.

I am not questioning prescription medication, but we need to carefully follow doses as prescribed by doctors and store them carefully.

Pernicious behaviours like gambling and pornography are rampant in our society. Any addiction relinquishes agency and forces you to become dependent. Gaming and TEXTING is addictive. Neglecting other aspect of lives. Addiction is a disease of the mind and the spirit.

There is always hope. Men are free to chose. (isn't this like the 5th time this scripture has been quoted. There is a way to spiritual freedom. It begins with prayer. Repent from sin. There is hope for the addicted, hope comes through JC.

Mervyn Arnold

Dream about JS.. what have you done with my name. With the sacrament, we take upon us the name of Christ. We will have to account to JC for what we have done with his name. Proverbs says a good name is better than riches. The name of the just is blessed.

Memories about his parents leaving him a good name. They grew up in poverty. They left a legacy of good names.

Lehi and Nephi of Nephi 3 named after first parents. How will our names be remembered?

Lay hold on every good gift, and avoid the unclean thing. (He is really getting emotional.)

Freedom of choice comes with moral responsibility; we can't chose the consequences of our actions. Story about cow and wheat field. The fence is there to protect you. The cow died. (emotions again) The commandments and rules are for your own good. Obedience saves you!

Wickedness never was happiness. Rules are not restrictive but protective. HF knows that we will all make mistakes, but the atonement allows us to repent.

Monson is the prophet. Stand before the savior to report what we have done with his good name.

Jaira Mazzagardi

Story about walk. Grandpa, what is sin? Intention of disobedience. It makes HF sad. Little by little, we can slip away from the right path. Bad things happen at night. Peer pressure.

Why must I stave off the boredom?? Why is it so hard?? This guy is pretty hard to listen to. The GA drone combined with the accent is particularly difficult.

Stay strong and make good choices. Come back. HF loves us. JC... blah blah. What is the Italian equivalent of blah blah???

Per Malm

Story of Sweeden boulevard; hole in the trunk of a tree, hollow tree. Hollow yes, but empty, no. It was full of waste. Steel belt, steel wires. From a distance, it looked like the other trees, but it didn't have a solid strong trunk. The weakening did not happen overnight.

We can grow like trees in our capacity to be solid. It is through the atonement that we can have the strength to stand tall and strong. He invites all to come unto him.

Joseph F Smith, enter into knowledge and the love of god. We are not disturbed by every wind of doctrine or by the cunning of men. We do not ask any questions of anyone about it. They are welcome to their opinions. All doubt and fear must be cast out.

Peace of mind and heart, the result of learning and following. Firm hope becomes an anchor to our souls to become steadfast and immovable.

Earth life is short, and a day of probation and opportunity. Don't procrastinate. If we act contrary to the light, we will have bad feelings. We are reminded in this way of repentence. We should be anxious to act quickly.

Sin never brings peace.

Story about gma. The tree was eventually destroyed. Wow... lots of puns and ... just awful imagery.

Larry Lawrence

Teens are under attack by the adversary.

Mutual theme for 2010: be strong and of good courage. Be not afraid.

The world needs courageous parenting. Imagine your child is on the train tracks and the train is bearing down. Challenges and temptations are coming at our teenagers with the speed of a frieght train.

Alma spoke directly to his son and explained the serious consequences of sin. Command thy children to do good; refrain from iniquities.

Don't ignore your bad feelings about children's activities. Gaming is just as addictive as drugs. When you take the easy way out, you may be enabling destructive behavior. Prematurely pairing off is dangerous and leads to physical intimacy. Satan wants this! It is vital that parents have the courage to intervene.

Sleepovers are dangerous!

Have family prayer, scripture study, and regular one on one interviews with each child.

Satan and his followers are striving to bring this generation down. God hears and answers the prayers of parents.

David Bednar

Strive in our daily lives to recieve the Holy Ghost.

JS and Higbee were seeking redress for wrongs done to the saints. Mormons differ in mode of baptism and the HG. Third member of the godhead, bears witness, comforter, teacher, revelator. He is the messenger for and witness of. Power and the gift of HG. Power is the convincing witness and can come before baptism. Converts can aquire a witness of the church and of JS. The gift is bestowed after proper and authorized baptism. Repent and be baptised, then cometh the baptism of fire and the HG.

Paul & HG.

Baptism is introductory into the church, a holy ordinance, preporatory to the reception of the HG. It cannot be received any other way but righteousness. It is simple and profound.

Sincerely desire to receive the HG, invite the HG, faithfully obey god's commandments.

We cannot compell or coerce. We need to be gentle and tender. Make and keep covenants. Pray sincirely. Read the scriptures.

Everything gospel does intends to bless us with the HG.

Ugh, I'm bored again.

Tom Perry

Conference from 25 years ago, Perry took his grandson up to the stand with him. We've allowed the conditions of the world to worsen. We have a respect for traditional values. Peer pressure has become more extreme. So much of what is produced is not inspiring; it is degrading. It has the potential of destroying the sense of what is right and wrong.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Except technology. Keep your body healthy and clean, be strong and resist temptation, trust in the lord. The stories in the scriptures will never grow old. They will teach you faith and confidence.

Lots has changed in the last century. It is a special blessing to receive the aaronic priesthood. April 29th JS received the priesthood. Translation proceeded rapidly with Oliver acting as scribe. Teaching of baptism in 3rd Nephi inspired them, so they prayed about it. Heavens opened and John the Baptist appeared to them to give them the Aaronic Priesthood.

D&C 107: Priesthood of Aaron is conferred upon Aaron and his seed, and it's an appendage to the Melchesdik. Boys have the keys of the ministering of angels. Blessings according to faithfulness.

Story about Aaronic Advisor; showing love and service.

Benson said, "give me a young man who is morally clean and goes to his meetings and earned his Eagle Scout, and I will give you a man who can perform miracles for the lord in the mission field and throughout his life. Teach your children at an early age the blessings of having the priesthood."

Build your lives on a foundation of truth and righteousness. The priesthood you bear is a special gift for the giver is the lord himself. Determine today that you will honor your priesthood. Prepare for your mission to declare the gospel to the world. God will pour out blessings on your head.